New Wallpaper Collection

Later this month I will be launching my first ever wallpaper collection through Woodchip & Magnolia.

The designs are an eclectic mix of vintage inspired florals, geometric prints and classic animal prints, which I hope people will love as much as I do! Here's all the inspiration behind it.

There’s something very soothing about Birds. I live in the countryside, so I’m surrounded by nature, and that’s what ultimately inspires me daily. This design was based on some lovely old vintage fabric I had stored in a suitcase! I love the exotic, slightly whimsical look of the bird, with its tropical, flamboyant plumage.

Pearl Lowe collaboration wallpaper woodchip and magnolia


Botanicals are so popular in interiors, and this one is so pretty and fresh. It’s another take on the lushness of palm and fern leaves, but like our bird floral, the leaf is imaginary and has a timeless, vintage quality to it, which I adore. I’d love to see this design in my own bathroom or hallway – or both! I literally cannot wait to put them up!

Pearl Lowe collaboration wallpaper woodchip and magnolia

This design is so very me! I love these sorts of pretty, small-scale, delicate florals. I’m a very feminine lady, I only ever wear dresses. I use them when I’m designing dresses, and now they have found themselves in my wallpapers and fabrics!

Pearl Lowe collaboration wallpaper woodchip and magnolia

I only really realised how beautiful wisteria was, when we bought a house along a river a few years ago. The wisteria came out in May and it was the most enchanting thing I ever saw. So to be able to put it in a wallpaper or a fabric is a dream.

The collection will be available from September 20th via Woodchip & Magnolia.


Pearl ❤️


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