About Us

From as early as I can remember, I've always loved creating. I would customise my clothes, knowing I'd be the only person wearing them. I just loved it.
Age 10, I designed my first collection for my mother's little boutique shop in Covent Garden. I've never forgotten the amazing feeling I felt, seeing the clothes I'd designed, hanging there on the rails.
But after leaving school I chose music over fashion. I joined a band as a lead singer, toured Europe, had a baby and soon 3 more! As the kids grew up, it hurt me to be apart from them, so I quit the band and decided I needed to do something that enabled me to be with my children.
So I went back to my passion for design.
Lace curtains led to lace dresses, which then led to a 3 year collaboration with the high street brand Peacocks.
I released a vintage craft book & also produced a healthy cookbook with my daughter Daisy.
So now, here I am with my first ever luxury kids lifestyle brand.

And that's me!
So far.....

Pearl x

Photos by Bella Howard & Marguerite Smits Van Oyen 
Hair by Hair by Joel
Make up by Jess Cheetham
Model - Betty Lowe at Select Model Management